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Receive upfront payment for treatment with MySmilePlan.

MySmilePlan is the dental payment plan that helps dentists improve their cash flow by paying you upfront rather than over time. Our payment plan provides your patients an interest free pay over time solution so they can access the dental treatment they need, when they need it and pays you the very next day after plan approval.

With MySmilePlan you receive:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Next day payment for approved patients
  • No patient bad will due to high penalty fees
  • No monthly subscription fees or fee per application
  • Increased new patient numbers
  • Higher treatment plan acceptance rates
  • No chasing overdue accounts


To become an Approved Provider, please complete our online registration form.

If you have more than one practice, be sure to complete the form with details of each of the practices you wish to register.

Approved Provider Requirements

At MySmilePlan, we know that a reputable brand benefits not only us but also those practitioners we are working with. That’s why we take the performance of our approved providers very seriously.

By monitoring the output of our provider practices and their success rate with MySmilePlan, not only can we continue to improve our offering, we can also ensure we uphold a quality framework and standard of our approved practices.

attract new patients with MySmilePlan

MySmilePlan Approved Providers will benefit from the marketing activities of a national company.  Our national consumer marketing campaigns will drive patients directly to your business through the find a practice page.

For those who perform strongly, our loyalty program provides even more opportunity to grow their patient base. Those proactive in offering MySmilePlan will be awarded a higher provider status, providing them a more prominent position on our practice locator page and consequently, more patients leads. 

Payment Plan Application Process

  • Patients provide photo ID, contact details and a valid credit card.
  • Your staff enter the details online and a quick credit check is performed. The credit check is not income tested so no pay slips are required and can be done on the spot.
  • On approval, the patient pays a 20% deposit and a low, one off establishment fee of $39 on their credit card.
  • You receive your funds the next business day and your patient is emailed their statement within the hour.


Following approval of a patient for MySmilePlan and payment of their 20% deposit, you receive payment the following business day meaning your cash flow is not affected.

MySmilePlan charges 9% (ex gst) of the total treatment plan cost.

No, there are not.

MySmilePlan does not charge a monthly subscription fee, a per plan administration fee or any other fees to the practitioner.

All you need to do is enter your patient’s driver’s license, nominated Visa or MasterCard and contact details. The system will automatically return an 'approved' or 'denied' response. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

The credit check is automatically generated by MySmilePlan’s online system based on a scoring algorithm and is no indication of financial status. Your staff cannot see and do not have to the applicant’s credit history. You can assure your patient’s the security of their data is safe.

The online credit check process is simple and requires minimal staff training. As the credit check is not income tested, no payslips are necessary.

An approval or denial is not an indication of their current financial status, rather the scoring system is based on any current loans or any flagged indiscretions in their history. It's a similar credit check to what is performed when you apply for a mobile phone with a telco.

If an applicant has not been approved, it simply means they have scored below the threshold.

Register your interest via our online registration form and one of our friendly team will be in contact with you shortly.


All general, cosmetic, orthodontic and specialist dental care can be processed through MySmilePlan. The treatment plan total must not exceed $9,000.

Your patients pay a 20% deposit along with a one off establishment fee of $39. A $3 credit card processing fee will also be charged with each fortnightly payment, including when the deposit is paid.

Late payments will be subject to an additional $9.50 charge.

Yes. You’ll be paid the full cost of the treatment plan, minus the 9% fee (and the deposit paid) the next business day.

If the patient defaults on the loan, it will be a risk we shoulder and up to us to work with you to recover the balance.

Technical support is provided via our payment processing partner OpenPay who are available on 1300 168 359.

They can assist you with the application processing questions and any technical issues.

For matters relating to becoming an Approved Provider please email:

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for MySmilePlan underwritten and serviced by OpenPay. View Practitioner Terms & Conditions here.